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Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering

Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering (CQCEE) is a full-time higher education institution that was founded by the Chongqing Government in 1965. It is administered by the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, and was built by both the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission and the Chongqing Economy and Information Commission. In 1999, it became the first higher education college in Chongqing. We have attained í░Excellenceí▒ in the College Evaluation of Talent Cultivation conducted by the Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, we are part of the "10 of Chongqing Famous Higher Education Institutions" and one of the 100 National Demonstration Vocational Colleges established by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance.

Superior Basic Conditions.

CQCEE covers an area of 1365 acres with 1.3 billion in fixed assets, 460,000 sq.m. of teaching facilities, 140 million RMB of equipment for teaching and research, 20,000 full-time students and a 910 thousand volume library collection. We have set up 13 affiliated colleges which are Applied Electronics College, Telecommunication Engineering College, Computer College, Software College, Things Internet College, Mechatronic College, Automotive Engineering College, Finance and Economics College, Management College, Media & Arts College, Construction & Material College, General Education College and Training & Further Education College. There are also 11 course groups: Electronics Application, Telecommunication Engineering, Network Technology, Software Engineering, Things Internet Application, Mechatronics Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Media & Arts, Accounting and Finance, Business Administration and Construction & Material Science and 52 majors. We have developed as " trademark" of applied higher education in Chongqing and have become the selective college in research, investigation, and cooperation.

Tremendous Teaching Faculty.

We have more than 1000 teaching staff working at our school, which include 749 full-time and part-time teachers, among them 231 holding Associate senior or above professional title, 38 of whom are professors. There are 362 teachers with master's degree or above, 25 of whom have doctor's degree, 27 on-the-job doctorates. We have 50 professional leaders and 239 backbone teachers. Besides, we hired 5 industrial experts as our professional leaders. Among the professional teachers, 428 have dual-qualifications. We also employed 552 engineering technical personnel and skilled craftsmen as part-time teachers. Together we have a rich teaching resource pool with more than 1000 part-time teachers .

Remarkable Location Advantage.

CQCEE is located at the foot of Gele Mountain, Shapingba district, a famous tourist scenic spot and is situated in 76 East Road, University Town, Chongqing, which adjoins to many national and provincial key higher education institution, such as Chongqing University, Chongqing Normal University, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and Chongqing Medical University. We have realized excellent resources sharing with other higher education institutes in university town.  In the core area of west new city Chongqing, our college borders on the Chongqing Xiyong National Bonded Area and global laptop-manufacturing base--Chongqing Micro-electronics Industry Park, Taiwan-owned Information Garden and West Modern Logistics Area. Many national famous enterprises, HP (Hewlett Packard), Inventec, and Quanta, are located in this area and have built multiple relationships with us. We have solid background for interaction between area and school, advancement of science and education, cooperation and development of production and education. 

Distinct School-running Characteristics.

Our university has been insisting on the university-running orientation of cultivating high-quality talents needed in high technology industry such as advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, placing emphasis on application development and technical service with electronic information as characteristic; and moreover established the development target of building one high-level applied specialist university of electronic information type; We have stuck to application type and have been rooted in regional industry, therefore our university has highlighted quality fairness as main line and established 52 majors suitable for Chongqingí»s pillar industry such as electronic information and automobile & motorcycle industry with quality education as emphasis and 11 specialist groups including electronic and network technology in accordance with the industry connection idea of promoting advanced manufacturing industry through electronic technique, adding value for modern service industry by information-base means, developing newly-emerging creative industry via digital arts. Scientific university-running direction and characteristic development route is the guarantee for the cultivation of talent quality and employment quality. For the past few years, the graduates' employment rate of our university is above 98% and increasingly improved which is affirmed and praised highly by the Joint Administrative Meeting Inspection Team of State Council Employment Department.

Broad Collaborative Areas.

Our university insists on the principle of open education, cooperative development and ceaselessly gathering high-quality education resource. Therefore we have established extensive cooperation in major establishments, teacher education, center co-establishment, skilled migration, overseas practice and cooperative education with education institutions from Australia, Germany, UK, Singapore and etc. Among those there are: Sino-Australia (Chongqing) Professional Education Research & Training Center, Sino-Australia Technology (migrant employment) Vocational Skill Identification Center & Occupational Health and Safety Research & Training Center, Sino-Germany (Chongqing) Training Base for Vocational Education Teacher as well as Sino-UK Chongqing Welsh Vocational Education Alliance. Our university has carried out overseas education for over 300 teachers and hosted Exchange Cup for Sino-UK Studentsí» Vocational Skill as well as Sino-Uk, Sino-Germany, Sino-Australia Vocational Skill Forum and several international communication skills.

Our university has established í░Four Cooperation & Four Togetherí▒ campus interaction and Campus-enterprise cooperation mechanism namely í░Cooperative Schooling, Cooperative Education, Cooperative Employment, Cooperative Development; Educating talents together, managing process together, sharing achievements together, shouldering responsibility togetherí▒ with several famous enterprises including Chongqing Micro Electric Garden, Foxconn Technology Group, Network and Communication, Changan Automobile Group and more. Besides our university has also developed some other cooperative contents such as order training, staff training, internship practice as well as technology Research & Development. Among University-Enterprise Cooperation projects there are Research Center of Xiyong Chongqing College of Electric Engineering, Staff Training Technical Service Center of Changan Automobile Group, Chongqing Electricity-Network & Communication NC College, Euro-Japanese Software Service Outsourcing College, Foxconn SMT Education Plant, Zhongwei Office Facility Maintenance and Practice Base as well as Chongdian Media Neutral Sight Practice Base. Besides we also hold some specialist classes such as Foxconn class, Hay class, Changan class as well as Zhongwei class and created three-dimensional animation Green Baby and Dog Baby collaboratively, which is already aired on CCTV and has been given with first prize in Fourth National TV Program Session by China association of radio, film and television.

Fruitful Achievement.

In recent years, the college has been paying a close attention to the Teaching Quality and Teaching Reform Project, and implementing the Demonstration Plan of High-level Personnel. We have cultivated excellent teaching and research teams, and gained fruitful and valuable achievements-- "Four-Ring Links" Teaching Mode Reform on Electronics and Information Specialty Aiming at Western China has won the first prize of National Tertiary Education Achievement Award, and seven provincial teaching achievement awards. Information Security Technology, Communication Technology and Microelectronics Technology are key construction specialties of Demonstration Colleges supported by central finance. Things Internet Application Technology, Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Maintenance and Management are key construction specialties of the Professional Services Industry Development Capacity Project supported by central finance. Also, there are two provincial key construction professionals. The teaching team of Network and Information Security is the national innovative teaching team, and 5 provincial innovative teaching teams. Operation and Maintenance of Network Security, Data Backup and Recovery, TD-SCDMA Base Station System Start and Maintenance, GSM Base Station System Operation and Maintenance are the national excellent courses; there are 16 provincial quality courses, and 1 municipal quality video open class; 3 demonstration training bases of Electronic and Electrical Automation Technology, Vehicle Use and Maintenance Technology, Intelligent Building Engineering and Technical, which are supported by the central financial; 1 provincial demonstration training base. In addition, our college has won 56 national patents, 6 Military Scientific and Technological Progress Awards, 5 Provinces (Municipalities) Science and Technology Progress Awards, 5 national planning materials. There are 4 First Prizes and 11 Second and Third Prizes of the National Vocational Skills Competition, some of which are historic breakthroughs of higher vocational education in Chongqing.  The quality and quantity of Connotation Development of Quality Engineering Achievements have laid the foundation for the collegeí»s industry position and influence of Demonstration Higher Vocational College in the West China and the national leading place.

Expanding of Service Capabilities.

The college is the í░National Key Construction of Vocational Education to Cultivate Teachers Training Baseí▒ awarded by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the í░Cadre Education Training Baseí▒ awarded by the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the í░Municipal vocational education teacher training baseí▒, the í░Chongqing Economic and Information Talent Training Baseí▒ and the í░Chongqing Software Industry Personnel Training Baseí▒ awarded by Chongqing municipal education commission. For the "Park and School Interaction", the college and Xiyong Microelectronics Park of Chongqing have established "Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering Research Center (Xiyong)". Depending on "Engineering Technology Center" and "Application Technique Research Institute" of the college, various kinds of social activities of "application technology research and development, skills training and evaluation, counterpart support exchanges" have been conducted to meet the requirements of the industry development, vocational schools and Three Rural Issues. In recent years, the college has applied various kinds of social trainings to about 30,000 people, and provided about 100 application technique services. Also, the college has offered counterpart supports to the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, the quake-hit areas in Sichuan, and to more than 100 schools and private colleges, which had great demonstration radiation influence in the higher vocational education domain.

During a half centuryí»s development, the blueprint has been drawn hand in hand; the university town provides the chance of resurgence, and application leads the development. In the heroic and elegant Gele and Jinyun Mountains with the school motto of í░Consciousness of Ethics, Broadness of Learning, Practicality and Creativityí▒ and the humane spirit of í░development and hard-working, erudition and foresightí▒, the Chongqing College of Electronics Engineering will create a gorgeous future with lofty enthusiasm and diligence.

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